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The Ten Minute Bible Hour Podcast

The Ten Minute Bible Hour Podcast will generally consist of the exported audio from the native YouTube program. If you're looking for a way to keep up with TMBH and to enjoy the occasional special audio-only episode, then make sure to subscribe here.

The Ten Minute Bible Hour Introduction

Matthew Whitman

I started thinking about doing the Ten Minute Bible Hour sometime in the fall of 2014, and then started putting serious effort into the project around Christmas time. After writing, recording and editing a dozen practice episodes, I finally got everything organized and launched in February of 2015. That means at this writing I've been up and running for about six months. 
It's been fun to meet new people and see the viewership for the program grow. I've got a lot of helpful feedback and have even gained some friendships along the way. 

My plan all along was to focus exclusively on the YouTube show, but I've had several viewers and friends suggest that a podcast version of the same material might be helpful for people on the run. I did a little research, learned a few new trick on the technology side, and now I'm ready to roll.

What you'll be getting here is mostly the raw audio from the YouTube shows extracted and slightly reformatted (I try to edit out the stuff that won't make sense without visuals, but it's basically the same stuff).

So here's episode one in which I talk about what I'm going for with the show and how I'm going to come at the Bible. Hopefully this will make my tack make more sense moving forward.

Thanks for giving it a listen and please subscribe to the shows if you like what I'm doing!