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The Ten Minute Bible Hour Podcast

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What Year Is It!?

Matthew Whitman

Have you ever thought about how humans have counted the passage of years throughout time. It's not as simple as you might figure, and it can even be a cause of serious controversy. In this video we're going to look at how different people have counted years, look at how we got to the system we've landed on, and talk about the dating fights.

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A Non-Episcopalian Learns About the Episcopal Church

Matthew Whitman

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What's the Episcopal Church and how does it work? I've never even been in an Episcopal building, so I went for the first time and here's what happened.

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Why would God make it so complex to understand Christianity?

Matthew Whitman

A commenter who goes by the handle "F*k Yu" put forward this great question on a previous video. I've wondered about this before, and I thought it would be fun to turn on the camera and game it out together.

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A Protestant Learns About Anglicanism

Matthew Whitman

I wanted to learn about Anglicanism so I went to St. George's Anglican Church in Las Vegas and spent the day with Father Gordon Hines.

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Who Picked What Books Went In the Old Testament?

Matthew Whitman

Who made the Hebrew/Old Testament canon? And, with literally hundreds of important ancient religious documents to chose from, how did they pick which ones would be scripture and which ones wouldn't make the cut? Well, I made a video about that.
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Who was Pontius Pilate? - Historical Proof and Legends

Matthew Whitman

Pontius Pilate oversaw Jesus' crucifixion around 30 AD, but what else do we really know about him for sure? In this video we dig into the facts, and the mountain of historical fiction (like the Acts of Pilate/Gospel of Nicodemus) associated with this enigmatic from the first century.

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Did Constantine Make the Bible?

Matthew Whitman

In this episode we'll talk about the oft-repeated story that the Emperor Constantine created the Bible at the Council of Nicea, and what bearing, if any, that has on the validity of the New Testament canon.

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The Bible Wasn't Written to You

Matthew Whitman

The Bible wasn't written to you; at least not with you in mind as the original audience. That said, the Bible is definitely FOR you, and it makes way more sense when we read it with that in mind.

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Paul in Caesarea (From Israel)

Matthew Whitman

The Apostle Paul spent two years as a prisoner in Caesarea, and, if you've got the time, you can still go there today and see where the events of Acts 23-27 happened.

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Is Masturbation a Sin According to the Bible? (Why Did God Kill Onan?)

Matthew Whitman

Does the Bible say it's wrong to masturbate? The story of Judah, Onan, and Tamar in Genesis 38 is the passage people bring up when talking about the Bible and masturbation, but is that what's really going on there?

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Top 5 Movies of 2018 (Best movies of the year!)

Matthew Whitman

Best movies of 2018! I used science and hard evidence to calculate the best 5 movies of the year, and I'm sure I got it right. You're welcome to see for yourself. It's been a while since I've done any movie reviewing, so this year I decided I would save all the movie talk and do the whole conversation in one end-of-the-year, best-of video.

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