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Sources and Notes


Matthew Whitman

Notes on Constantine, the Council of Nicea, and the New Testament Canon

Check out my Nuts and Bolts of the Bible series to learn more about all this stuff:


A List of Ancient Canons – Click on this if you look at nothing else in this list -

All the Actual Documents From the Council of Nicea (see for yourself what happened!) -

Athanasius of Alexandria and the Festal Letter -

Athanasius’ Letter itself which outlines the New Testament canon -

Eusebius’ Agreed Upon Books List Full Text from Book III of His “Church History” -

The Edict of Milan (313 AD), by Constantine and Licinius Full Text -

The Battle of Milvian Bridge -

Roman Catholic perspective on canonization process -

Greek Orthodox perspective on canonization process -

Council of Hippo and the NT canon -

Council of Carthage and the NT canon -

Marcion and His Canon -

Montanism -


The Canon of Scripture, by F.F. Bruce – This is the most important, most well-read work on the subject.

Canon Revisited: Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books, Michael J. Kruger – This is a more recent work that closely considers the internal and external evidence for the canon and its evolution.

How We Got the Bible, Timothy Paul Jones – This one is easy and fast; a great place to start.

Decoding Nicea, by Paul F. Pavo – This is a summary of Christian thought leading up to Nicea, and a summary of what actually happened there.

Constantine the Emperor, by David Potter – Best biography of Constantine; very readable.


Richard Elliott Friedman

Bart Ehrman was an Evangelical scholar who now takes a more skeptical position on faith and the Bible. He’s an excellent scholar who sometimes arrives at different conclusions that what I described in my video. Here are some relevant links from him:

This link is a response to Ehrman’s “Misquoting Jesus” written by Timothy Paul Jones. Both are worth taking a look at:

Here's an article arguing that Marcion effectively brought about the New Testament canon: