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Eleven guys just got done watching their leader and friend get executed, come back to life, and then literally ascend into heaven before their very eyes. It’d been a weird month. The obvious question they and everyone who heard the story of Jesus would have been asking was “What’s next?” This is the story that provides the answer. Luke’s sequel to his story of Jesus picks up right where the last one left off. There is no New Testament, almost no church, and Jesus is gone to heaven – that sounds like a recipe for disaster, but instead it turns out to be the beginning of the biggest movement the world’s ever seen.

In this series of episodes I’ll take us real slow-like through the book of Acts. I’ll put a lot of effort into making sense of the cultural and historical context as we go along, and I’ll emphasize the flow of the narrative and the big themes.

My first goal isn’t to convince people to think like me, but rather to inform and help people make sense of what the book itself seems to be saying. What everyone will do with that is up to them. 

Learn and have fun!