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The Ten Minute Bible Hour Podcast

The Ten Minute Bible Hour Podcast will generally consist of the exported audio from the native YouTube program. If you're looking for a way to keep up with TMBH and to enjoy the occasional special audio-only episode, then make sure to subscribe here.

Who Put the Chapters and Verse Numbers in the Bible?

Matthew Whitman

Where did the chapters and verse numbers in the Bible come from, and are they a good idea?

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Why Are There So Many Versions of the Bible?

Matthew Whitman

Why are there so many translations of the Bible instead of just one? Is it because of the Satanic Illuminati or maybe something more innocuous? Literally EVERY question anyone could ever have about Bible translation is answered in this video.

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How to Criticize the Bible

Matthew Whitman

This video is about how to do text criticism. Thanks a ton to everyone who support The Ten Minute Bible Hour! If you don’t already, you can support TMBH on Patreon if you’d like. It’s easy to set up and it helps a ton.

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No Originals? The Bible Is a Copy.

Matthew Whitman

Why aren't there any originals of the Bible? And since there aren't any, how is it possible to know that the Bible we have in front of us today is an accurate representation of what was written down in the first place?

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Why Were Some Books Left Out of the Bible?

Matthew Whitman

There were tons of books written about Jesus in the early days of Christianity, but many aren't in the Bible. Why is that? Was there an attempt to suppress the truth on the part of the Church? Are there missing secret books that shed new truth on the life of Jesus? What about the Gnostic Gospels like the Gospel of Thomas? Well, we'll get to that.

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Enough About the Protestant Reformation to Make You Look Cool at Parties

Matthew Whitman

*You can support the Ten Minute Bible Hour, if you're into that kind of thing, at* Here's the information you need in order to come off well in social situations when the Protestant Reformation comes up. Pro tip: If you want to dominate that conversation check out Roland Bainton's "Here I Stand." It's a quick, readable, excellent biography of Martin Luther. If you want to utterly bomb that conversation check out "Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer.

Who Picked What Books Went In the Bible?

Matthew Whitman


Who decided what books should go in the Bible? The answer might surprise you. This is number three in my set on the nuts and bolts of the Bible. If you like what's going on here, you can support the Ten Minute Bible Hour on Patreon at

Did God Write the Bible?

Matthew Whitman

Obviously there are a few passages in the Bible that purport to be the direct spoken words of God, but who actually put pen to paper to write the 66 books of the Bible? This is the second installment in a set of videos on the nuts and bolts of the Bible.

What is the Bible?

Matthew Whitman

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The Bible is a book that casts a long shadow and is worth understanding whether you're into it or not. In this set of videos we'll take an honest look at how the Bible works in terms of what's it's made of, how it was assembled, how it gets translated, how it gets read, and why some people think it's from God. In this one, I'm going super basic and talking about the Bible is going for at the most elemental level.